Our Clients/Partners

EMD empowers a diverse range of industry leaders to leverage data resources that were previously beyond their reach.  Our customers and partners include hospitals, leading EMR vendors, major healthcare content providers, and top clinical decision support companies. 


The EMD solution coordinates information buried in the many siloed hospital information systems and makes it available for tracking financial and clinical trends, interoperability, and reporting.


SmartNote makes EMR data more accessible.  It saves clinical staff from tedious and time-consuming data management tasks they love to hate.  Maneuvering through records is more intuitive, with fewer clicks.


Empowers patients’ choices.  EMD’s DoubleCheckDrugs and Active Intelligence give people the tools and information they need to engage actively in their healthcare decisions.

Medical Content Companies

Content is personalized and transformed into targeted decision support. It is more visible to search engines and users alike who want highly specific information.